Strengths-Based Practice Refresher Session (Cancelled)
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Virtual Learning, .
Alix Tonutti, Bambie Maxwell
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Senior Leadership Team, Social Worker / Manager (Adults), Substance Misuse Worker / Manager
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Briefing (Information Update)
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Social Work (Adults), Supervision
Event description

This refresher session is designed to consolidate our understanding of what strengths-based practice is and how to incoporate it into our day to day work with our service users.

The sessions are 1 hour long, will be held over MS Team and will include a mix of reviewing the skills required to hold strengths-based conversations and reflection on individual cases.

Training objectives

To refresh our understanding of strength-based practice and how we use it in our work.

To review the skills required in order to support strength-based practice.

To reflect on how we can incorporate a strength-based approach to individual cases.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the sessions participants will:

- Feel confident of their understanding of what strength-based practice is.

- Have good knowledge of what skills are required to hold strength-based conversations.

- Reflect  on individual cases and how they can hold effective strength-based conversations in the future.

Additional Information
Intended impact on practice: 

To support front-line practitioners to ensure they have a good understanding of what strength-based practice is and the impact this can have on service user outcomes.

Start Date
Thursday 21 January 2021
End Date
Thursday 21 January 2021
Closing Date
Monday 18 January 2021
10:00 - 11:30
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